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The True Cost of Being a Disciple

Carhuaz, Province of Huaraz
Report by: Samuel Saccsara
March 25th-28th 2015

This workshop was held for the pastors and leaders from the Church of God for the glory of the Lord Jesus Christ. Traveling to teach this workshop was difficult for me. It didn’t feel right to leave my family as the rains were causing so much destruction in our home of Chosica. My house was without water and they were predicting more rain. But inside of me there was a voice telling me I had to go to the workshop. Seeing pastors and leaders who arrived – after traveling two, three and four hours – filled me with joy. I thank the Lord that I came, because otherwise these students would have returned sad. The study and method was different for these students. They seized this opportunity to learn and by forming groups of 5, they were able to discuss the scriptures in Huaraz Quechua (which is quite different than Ayacucho Quechua). Amidst the discussion we touched on the subject of false prophets. In those days one of their brothers in the church had died. A prophet had declared that in 3 days, he rose again. The pastor told them no, causing the family to be angry with him. Thanks to this study, the pastor and church were blessed by hearing and studying truth.