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Train and Multiply

Thanks to the powerful God of Jacob, I’m making this report! My wife Rosa and I made a trip to Ayacucho and Huancavelica, on Sept 16th for three reasons. One reason was to give an eschatology study in the Antaparcco church. The second was to visit the Bible promoters and to go with them to visit a community unreached by the gospel. And third, was to see the construction progress of the Quechua church (Los Comandos de Cristo) building in Ayacucho.

The trip started off eventfully when we left Chosica by taxi at 8 p.m. As the taxi was traveling, some rowdy boys threw a rock at the windshield. The rock landed with such force that it broke the windshield in front of me. I had my eyes closed at that moment, frozen, thinking that I was certainly hurt with glass all in my eyes. Rosa was calling from the backseat, asking if I was O.K. With my hands I signaled not to worry. Praise God, the rock and the broken glass did not touch me. The Lord had protected me with His powerful hand. GLORY BE TO OUR SOVEREIGN GOD!

Later when I arrived in the village of Brother Faustino, he was working on the farm with his wife. He was very excited to see us. We were also able to visit Brother Emiliano. They were surprised, as well. Together with them, we visited a community, unreached by the gospel. We rented a car and arrived in Atacocha. This village is a very old community that was hard hit by terrorism and its inhabitants are elderly. When we arrived, they were busy repairing the chapel. The door was closed to us as they said they had no time to listen to our presentation of the gospel. They said they had their own celebration (with alcohol and cocaine) planned to “god” on October 8. Well, we offered to help them in their task, and they agreed. So we started working with them, and finally told us that we were welcome and they could return for us to present the Jesus video. The people who live here are those who are forgotten by their families. One elderly woman invited Rosa into her home to visit. She told Rosa that no one ever visits her. “I live alone with only my chickens to talk to.” It was an exhausting day but we returned home with a sense of joy.

-Samuel Saccsara Yupanqui