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Bible Promotion Evangelism

Bible Promotion Evangelism  Five communities in the Andes Mountains of Peru June 20-25, 2016 Thanks be to the Almighty God- Creator of the heavens and earth. A North American team accompanied us as we had the opportunity to visit five communities:  Acosvinchos, Rumichaka, San Rafael, Illapanpa and Yanama. It was a great blessing to take

Biblical Study Workshop

Biblical Study Workshop:  The Truth  About Sex June  1-2 , 2016 Blessed are the words of the Lord Jesus.  Thank you, Holy Spirit, for illuminating the Word. The Quechua were able to understand the truth about sex. The students said that no one ever teaches on this subject because it seems like a dirty thing

Bible Promotion

PROGRESS REPORT OF AYACUCHO QUECHUA BIBLE PROMOTION By Runa Simi – August – 2016 Runa Simi is an evangelical Quechua mission that has been working in audio-visual Bible promotion in the Quechua – speaking areas of Southern Ayacucho and Andahuaylas under the coordination of Pastor Samuel Saccsara. Their mission is to train Quechua leaders to