Monthly Archives: September 2016

Train and Multiply Workshop

A Train and Multiply workshop was held in Challhuanca, Apurímac from September 7-8. For the glory of the Lord Jesus, the majesty of God and through the help of the Holy Spirit, this workshop study was conducted in Chalhuanca, a town full of idolatry and alcoholism. Thanks to the existence of the Church of the

Train and Multiply in Huancasancos

On August 24-25 we held a training in Huancasancos The power of God’s Word came to this missionary church called Huanca Sancos. It is a church that has more human traditions than the doctrines of God. The day of the workshop, I saw  the pastor enter the sanctuary,  leaving his shoes and kneeling on his

Train and Multiply Workshop in Quechua

Thanks to the Almighty Lord Jesus. We had a training on August 22-23 in Ayacucho. These students are leaders and pastors in 7 different regions who are sharing these workshops back in their communities. In order to attend this workshop, some traveled 10 hours from the jungle, some four and half hours from Huanca Sancos,