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Workshop in Pichari

The Lord Jesus, the Almighty, Lord of the harvest, the Missionary example, who came to look for those who were lost, gave us the blessing to reach a village that is located in Trincavine Pichari VRAE area. The workshop was help from Sept 27-28th.

Quechuas live here because of their work.  They plant cocoa, coffee and coca. Thank the Lord now many are Christians and worship God.

There is much need to know the holy scriptures of God, and to help them establish their lives in the Word of the Lord. They believe more in dreams and some traditions of men. They told me that one day, when they were praying together on their feet, there was a snake where the pulpit was and  it stayed there.   Immediately the pastor said God told him that this church will soon disappear.  Thanks to this study method the students realized that they should only believe what the Bible says.

I am pleased to see the happy faces when they received the Bible in Quechua, they were all amazed.