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Train and Multiply in Yanama

A train and multiply workshop was held in Yanama from Sept 30-Oct 1

I thank God for He loves this Church. It is a church that is starting very strongly in the midst of great need  (see the pulpit and chairs) Those who gather are  from different Andean Quechua communities.

The Word of God in Quechua touched many hearts. There were women who felt alone and wept with emotion to know that the Lord loved them.

This basic workshop was a blessing. They learned the method as they marked words, made lists, and divided into groups. They discussed the meaning of each word, and their faces reflected joy.

Let’s pray. This church is located in a new community.  All households are earthen structures and are without basic services.  When they gather to worship God , they don’t have the amenities-such as chairs, and rooms for Sunday school for children. etc.