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Jude Workshop

A Train and Multiply workshop was held from Oct 5-6 in Huayra Pata in the Andahuaylas area for 40 students.

Glory be to the Lord Jesus, Creator of heaven and the earth!  I am grateful because He allowed me to give this workshop in this community. The Lord brought me to serve and to strengthen the faith of my Quechua brothers. In the villages there is a great need to understand the sound doctrine of God, because nobody teaches them.  Therefore they believe in human traditions  and care only about external things such as how to dress or how to not wear jewelry, etc

Thank you for your prayers. During the workshop I was feeling bad. My voice was weak and I had little strength. But thanks to your prayers, God’s strength sustained me.

At the end of the study the students bowed the knee before the Lord and confessed that they were not living according to sound doctrine.

Upon receiving bibles, they were glad, and promised to study, according to the method they’d learned. They committed upon returning home to study and teach their brothers and sisters.


-Pastor Samuel Saccsara Yupanqui