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Christmas for Lambs of the Andes

This year for our Christmas project we visited children in Ayacucho, Andahuaylas, Tarapoto and Lima.

Thanks be to the Lord Jesus for His blessing of the children with presents of cars and dolls.
When we went to the communities carrying gifts, some children from other communities were waiting for us on the road and were very tired. A girl told us that she was afraid to leave her house, but she wanted to receive her doll… she left praying to the Lord.
Reaching these different communities costs a lot of sacrifice, time, money, but it’s worth it. We gave gifts to poor children and when they received the toys you could see pure joy in their faces! The girls cradled the dolls in their arms and the boys began to play with their little cars. .
URGENT. Please pray! They are in desperate need of rain. There is not grass or water for the animals. One brother told me that he must share the water his family drinks with his sheep, and yet still some sheep have already died.
May the Lord bless your family and your business.

Pastor Samuel