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Train and Multiply Seminar

A Train and Multiply Seminar was held in Ayacucho on January 23-25.
All glory be to our Lord Jesus Christ for loving the Quechuas- a forgotten people.
In the last few days here in Peru, our political and civil authorities are carrying out a law, so that the schools will teach classes on gender identity and sexual orientation, as a foundation to promote homosexuality.
As an organization that watches over the spiritual life of the Quechua, we have begun to give a workshop on “The Truth About Sex” to Sunday School teachers and pastors.
The students, seeing the truths of the subject in the Bible, said that they did not know that in the Bible I said all this.
All students have promised to give this study to their children and in their Church.
I thank God in spite of the rains and the landslides this workshop was able to be held.


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