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Training in Naupas

A training was held in Ñaupas on February 17-18.

“…we hear them in our own tongues speaking of the mighty deeds of God.”

Acts 2:11

Glory to God, the Lord Jesus is good to my brothers in this community. Despite their poverty, they follow the Lord. After three years I returned to give a study workshop, and I saw that they continue to gather to praise God, and to study with the method I taught them before. We studied the topic of “The Truth about Sex”, and they saw the need to speak to their children and share this in other congregations.

After the workshop, a brother told me that he was very sad to hear the Word of the Lord. This was because his son is living in sin with his cousin. Most of the students had similar situations in their families and they began to ask the Lord’s forgiveness.

-Samuel Saccsara Yupanqui

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