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Update and Prayer Requests

Dear friends,

We are so thankful for the amazing things God has already been doing among the Quechua people this year. We are also thankful for this week’s SETE Seminary by extension course with our Runa Simi gang and others from nearby churches.
Below we want to share with you a few prayer requests and pictures from Runa Simi’s ministries during January and February of this year.

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Please pray:
– for Samuel,  Miguel Saccsara and SETE leaders who will teaching in Ayacucho March 12th-14th.
– for Rosa and Palerma who will be teaching the Women of the Bible workshop in Ayacucho from the 15th-18th of March.
– for Pablo Saccsara who will be joining the rest of them in Ayacucho for train and multiply workshops from the 18th through the 23rd of March.
– for the planning of Friends of Runa Simi meetings in the US on April 28th and 29th.
– for Berta Ccoicca and Carmen Jauregui’s health.

The Runa Simi Team

Nemesio and his family traveled to Ayacucho with their puppet team to share the gospel in Vacation Bible School. This week they held VBS in our local Quechua church in Chosica.


In February, Samuel and Rosa Saccsara went to Ayacucho to teach a Train and Multiply courses in the village of Naupas. In this village despite their poverty, they follow the Lord.


Samuel and Rosa also traveled to San Rafael in Ayacucho to give a train and multiply workshop. This village promotes unity and is hungry for the Word of God.


In the beginning of February Samuel, Miguel and David (SETE) traveled to Huanuco to teach Bible courses at CEFMA.


Palerma continues to run CEFMA in Huanuco. Many youth travel far from 10 to 20 hours in order to attend this mission institute that happens every year during the school holidays. Many students who have been trained in CEFMA are now doing church planting in the jungles and the mountains of Peru.


In January, Samuel, Rosa and Miguel traveled to Ayacucho to teach a train and multiply course in Quechua to Sunday School teachers and pastors.

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