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Women’s Training

A 4th Quechua “Women of the Bible” training was held in Ayacucho on March 16-18.

Once again, thanks be to God, I am able to inform you all, my dear family in Jesus Christ, of the fourth Quechua Women’s Training. This time, everyone arrived very eager to continue their studies, and very happy to understand the Word in their language. Eleven students from different places arrived the day before the study. They said they wanted to be sure to arrive on time because there has been a lot of rain, mudslides, and rockslides. Two of them traveled 24 hours and spent almost the whole day trapped behind a rockslide that had covered the road. They had to wait for a tractor to come clean. They told me that they were very hungry because they didn’t have any money to buy food, but eventually they arrived safe and sound, thanks to God.

I tell you that one sister shared with me that her husband did not want her to attend the conference because they did not have money for her bus ticket. She was sad and did not want to miss a workshop. When she was on the way to her farm, the only car of the day appeared. She thought, “If I don’t go, I will miss the study. I am going, even if my husband hits me.” She got in the car. The next day at the study, she told me. I was worried, so I gave her the phone to call her husband. Her husband answered, asking her how her trip was and telling her to take care. Praise the Lord, it was a relief for me. Many arrived with a desire to recite the scripture they had memorized during the studies we have had.

In the month of May, we will host our 5th and final training for them. These ladies will graduate, and receive Certificates from Runa Simi Association, and they will be ready. They will be prepared to teach the topics we have studied, “The Women of the Bible.” Their husbands and their pastors will be there to watch them graduate. Thinking of this gets me excited, and I feel very happy and grateful to God for this gift. I have always suffered listening to them tell me, “Sister Rosa, how I want to serve our Lord by teaching my sisters in Quechua, when you teach us in Quechua I understand everything. But there is no one who teaches us in Quechua when you go back to Lima.” I always wanted them to learn and teach, and now there is a big group who are going to teach in our language, Quechua. Hallelujah!

-Rosa Saccsara

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  • Melinda Patton
    Apr 29, 2017 at 03:09 pm

    I love you Rosa! I am so thankful to God for raising up these ladies to teach for Him!

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