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Audio Video Bible Promotion

Audio-video Bible promotion was done June 24-25.

The Almighty Lord Jesus has gathered the new promoters of the Bible, to touch hearts of men.

They came from many places: 2 communities in Huancavelica ,Pichari, Nueva Fortaleza, Cangallo; Putica, Acocro; Rosas Pata.

The students shared their very exciting testimonies.  They had a great desire to go out into the communities to share the gospel of the Lord Jesus and they prayed to God to prepare them. One such testimony was from Brother Julio Fernandez. He was in his bed and could not get up due to paralysis. He asked God to lift him up and the Lord answered his prayer.  His response was “Now where I am going to go to prepare myself and go out to preach?” When he received the invitation for this workshop he immediately told his wife that he was going to this workshop.

Julio is in the photo wearing a brown shirt, with crutches.

-Pastor Samuel



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