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Film Showing and Puppet Show Events

We had a puppet show and film events from the 21st-24th of July, in Qoñani and Vraem.

In Qoñani we distributed the Proclaimers, has a presentation of Puppet show training and presentation of films. On Saturday night in the middle of the opening we showed the film of the rapture and many brothers reconciled their hearts to Jesus, because they realized that they were failing the Lord God. Then the next day, Alfredo shared the Word of God and showed them that they could use the Proclaimers in their churches and communities with the audio listening devices. We shared the Word of God with children and adolescents through puppets, songs, and messages.

Monday night we showed a movie in Paccha and before showing the movie we announced by loudspeaker so many people attended. We showed the New Clothes Movie for Felipe and the Story of Joseph.

Tuesday we were in the Church of Concepción, in Cangallo, where we trained on Marriage and Baptism. Then at night we worshipped God and her messages until 1 in the morning. Wednesday went to visit the brothers in Andabamba. Then Thursday I came to Vinchos in the afternoon and showed the film of Joseph in the street. Many children and adults saw the film and many of them were shocked by the story of Joseph. It was a wonderful opportunity to share a little Word of God in the street.

Friday we rehearsed with the young people of Ayacucho to travel to Vraem and on Saturday night we visited an town far inland where we showed the film of Joseph in Quechua. It is the first time that I went to the jungle of Ayacucho but there were also many Quechua speakers. They desire to have materials in Quechua because it is the language they best understand.



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