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Quechua Women’s Workshop

A final session and graduation for Quechua women’s workshop was held in Ayacucho from May 18-20.

My dear family, remember when I was sending you my report for the 1st – 4th women’s trainings? Now, this is the 5th and the last, and I am very thankful to God for making this dream come true and allowing me to train Quechua women so that they can train other Quechua women in their churches and communities. This has been my desire for a long time.

After the teaching sessions in the villages, the ladies thanked me, saying “Now I have understood everything because you spoke to us in Quechua.” They kept telling me how they would like to learn and teach the Word of God, and to serve the Lord. I understood them, because I too once longed to served the Lord. So I thought about it, and asked for help from sister Palerma to teach on this topic, “Women of the Bible.”

Later I mentioned this desire to my son Pablo, and he responded, “That’s good, Mom, you should do it, it sounds great.” That response encouraged me and I started to prepare my plan for the conference. I sent out invitation letters to the pastors so they could send the women from their churches. I had to pray for them, because it’s not easy to get a Quechua husband to let his wife come for a study, it’s almost impossible.

But God worked wonders, and they attended all of the training sessions. This most recent session was their graduation. Now we have Quechua women who are ready to teach where God needs them. They have a praise song that says “Following Christ is my decision, always taking the Gospel.”



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