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Train and Multiply

A training was held in Ñaupas on May 17-18.

Praise the Lord that in this village there is a church of the Lord Jesus Christ who deeply desires to pursue sound doctrine. It is located at 10,500 feet above sea level, and because of its location and its climate there is no one who will travel to teach them the Word of the Lord.

In the Quechua culture talking about sex is very difficult, because according to them, this subject should not be spoken in the Church.  But, as we looked into God’s Word and they saw that the Bible addresses this subject, and they were open to learning. In this workshop many women participated. These women often struggle in their marriages as their husbands typically see them as objects for their own pleasure, etc. rather than showing love.

Praise be to God that all kneeled in repentance, seeking forgiveness for their past sins in their marriages and asked forgiveness for their silence in teaching their children these truths.

-Pastor Samuel


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