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August Update

Dear friends,

We are so thankful for your prayers and support these last couple months.
Below are pictures from most recent to oldest.

In Christ,

The Runa Simi Team

In July…

 Dr. David Hard came to teach at the Theological Seminary by Extension sessions on “The Roots of our Faith”, (the reformation and how it continues affecting the Evangelical church today). This course was taught in both Ayacucho and Chosica. Pray for the students and Runa Simi workers who are taking these courses and are serving their communities. 

For the last three months, Berta has continued working with women in Apurimac training literacy teachers. New literacy groups have started in different church communities.The ladies are learning to read God’s Word.

Hilda is teaching literacy to the local Quechua Churches here in the Chosica area. She also translates and edits Quechua material at Runa Simi and helps with reporting. Here she is seen working on one of the Quechua booklet.


In July…

The “Faith Comes by Hearing” audio Scripture ministry partnered with the “Jesus Film” and “Puppet Ministry” to take the Gospel to the Ayacucho Quechua communities in Qoñani, Concepcion, and Pichari (jungles).  This successful outreach program was headed up by Alfredo Fajardo, his wife Margarita, and Nemesio Arango….Read More

In June…

Miguel taught 18 youth at a workshop in Tarapoto. The teaching was on “Making good decisions”. Miguel says that they were full of energy and had the desire to learn more.

In June… Samuel Saccsara taught an Audio-Visual Bible Promotion workshop in Ayacucho….Read More

Also in June… we had the privilege of having Linda Summers and her team here at Runa Simi for the first AGAPE puppet conference. Puppet teams from different areas of Peru came to share ideas and experiences. The team then traveled to Ayacucho with Nemesio to share the good news with the children of Peru. 

Dany Parado made several trips, traveling to where Quechua radios stations are to help with the radio ministry among the Quechua of Peru….Read More

May 18 to 20.  Runa Simi had their final Quechua “Women of the Bible” Workshop in Ayacucho along with a graduation. Rosa and Palerma are so thankful to God for making this dream come true and allowing them to train Quechua women so that they can train other Quechua women in their churches and communities…Read More

In May…  

Samuel Saccsara taught in Ñaupas, Ayacucho at over 10,500 feet above sea level.  The leaders looked into God’s Word and studied what the Bible teaches on sex and marriage…Read More

In May…

Nemesio traveled to Ayacucho to coordinate and attend a “spiritual festival” in Paccha – Cangallo area where he is originally from. He and Alfredo who ministered with him, were glad to see the churches there reconcile after much division.

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