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September Update

Dear friends,

We greet you all in the name of our Lord Jesus. We are so thankful for your prayers and support. We are also praying for all our friends in the US who have gone through the different Hurricanes and storms. We pray that it be a time that many will be drawn to Christ.

Below are pictures from our events during the month of August.

In Christ,

The Runa Simi Team

In the beginning of August we celebrated our annual Raymi Festival where local Quechua churches, along with some from other regions, came to celebrate what the Lord has done for the Quechua church. Many of our Runa Simi members were involved. 

In August, the 2017 Youth Conference was held at the Runa Simi center. About 20 youth from different regions of Peru attended. Miguel led them through some studies from Rick Warren’s “Transformed” about why were we created. We also had the privilege of having some brothers and sister from RZIM (Ravi Zacharias International Ministry) where we were able to learn more about Islam and some apologetics. 

Nemesio and his family traveled to a jungle village Ramal de Aspuzana to teach a Sunday School teaching workshop. They taught how to teach children using different fun activities  They also provided them with resources for teaching children. They had the participation of 8 churches  with 35 Sunday School teachers.

Dany, Pablo and Kusi traveled to Chazuta, Tarapoto. Pablo taught a basic guitar class while Dany taught others how to use the folk Quechua instruments. Then in the afternoons Pablo and Kusi taught a marriage worshop to the couples of the village. On the last day Dany was also able to do some maintenance for the Christian radio of Chazuta. It was a blessing to be there with our brothers and sisters in Christ.

During August 24th through 26th, the first Ayacucho Quechua Women’s conference was held in the city of Ayacucho. We thank God for multiple blessings during this conference. The theme was JEHOVÁ RAFA (JEHOVÁ MY HEALER). We had about 60 Quechua women who participated, along with a few men. It was a time of blessing, all the women recognized the emocional pain that they had been holding onto for a long time. God in his mercy has restored many damaged lives. When we finished the conference they left with joy in their hearts. We thank Margaret, Silvia and Elena who came from so far to teach with much love. Also thanks to Pablo and Kusi for teaching on marriage.  It was wonderful to see three women who had been estranged, forgiving each other and in tears embracing each other.

At the end of August Neme and his family were also able to go to Cashawacra to do evangelism to the community there with the puppet ministry.

Hilda was also able to travel to the jungle area of Pichanaki to to do literacy follow up,  About a year ago, literacy teachers were trained and now any women are learning to read God’s Word.  She also taught some basic Bible courses.

Carmen was also able to travel again to Nazca. She taught Bible literacy the first few days and then also the “Heart of Man” Bible study. In the evenings she showed the Ayacucho language “Genesis” and “Jesus Film” to the church and community.  Carmen comments that “it is wonderful to see the reaction of those who aren’t familiar with the Bible truths.  They are like children wanting more and more”.