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Teaching in Andahuaylas

My dear family in Christ Jesus,

I am sending this report of the trip to Andahuaylas, on September 8-9.  I don’t have pictures from this workshop since there was no one to take them while we were teaching. But we told them about the great love of God.

When we were walking to the village, I could see from the mountain peak down to the village of Huanpica.  As we entered the village, the women were already there waiting for us and ran to us, telling us to come eat lunch.  As I looked, I saw many happy children but I immediately regretted that I didn’t have anyone with me who was gifted in working with children. My heart broke because we were there several days and the whole time we were teaching the adults, the children just played. Surely if there had been someone to teach them, they would have had a very precious time learning the word of God and they would never have forgotten.

There were also several young couples waiting to be taught about marriage. There were also many youth (who have been taught in the past by Miguel) who were hoping for more workshops for them.  They asked that we don’t forget them as they want to learn more of God’s teachings.

Well, so we started with the teachings for women and they were so attentive and eager to learn despite looking after their babies.  They did not leave the classroom for even a moment, Hallelujah!!! Both men and women thanked us for coming to their village to teach them.  They are so thankful to Runa Simi.  They testified that with all of these workshops that we have given through the years, they have learned a lot and that’s why they keep progressing in the faith. There are many new converts now so that 90% of the population of the village of Huanpica are Christian. They desire that the other 10% come to know the Lord, as well, and when that happens, it will be marvelous for me and how much more for the Lord!

Please pray for our travel in 2018 that we can go with several teams with specialized teachings for the youth and children, and that we can begin training the women in the “Women of the Bible” lessons.  Huanpica is a quechua village of humble people.

Precious family, we are always thankful for your prayers.

May God bless you,

Rosa Saccsara