Monthly Archives: October 2017

Work in the Puno Area

Dear Brothers and Sisters, This past month of October we traveled to Puno with Alfredo Fajardo for the distribution of Proclaimers, showings of the Jesus Film, Puppet Ministry and distribution of the Book of Life. The trip was very long but, thank God, we can get to many places like Juli, Yunguyo Santa Rosa and

Fraternity of Quechua Radio Communicators

A meeting was held in Chosica from Sept 28-30 for the Quechua radio broadcast fraternity. Thank you Lord Jesus for bringing together these gospel communicators. They attended from 5 regions: Ayacucho, Huaraz, Huánuco, Tarapoto and Pichanaki. Three of these brothers have  radio broadcasting as one of their responsibilities. The long standing senior communicators, Prospero Colonia