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Fraternity of Quechua Radio Communicators

A meeting was held in Chosica from Sept 28-30 for the Quechua radio broadcast fraternity.

Thank you Lord Jesus for bringing together these gospel communicators. They attended from 5 regions: Ayacucho, Huaraz, Huánuco, Tarapoto and Pichanaki. Three of these brothers have  radio broadcasting as one of their responsibilities.

The long standing senior communicators, Prospero Colonia and Gomer Cruz, shared how they continue to preach the gospel of the Lord, and touch the lives of others.

Realizations from this meeting:

We are not alone. This gathering allowed the new communicators to meet other communicators  and become friends.

We learned how to work as a team, since alone, we cannot  effectively achieve as much.

We need help from new leaders.  For example, how to make digitally recorded programs.

Laptops are needed to equip, and to conduct workshops on how the recordings are done digitally.

Brother Prospero has 160 programs recorded and offered that these Christian programs can be played on the radio.