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Work in the Puno Area

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

This past month of October we traveled to Puno with Alfredo Fajardo for the distribution of Proclaimers, showings of the Jesus Film, Puppet Ministry and distribution of the Book of Life.

The trip was very long but, thank God, we can get to many places like Juli, Yunguyo Santa Rosa and others. After sharing the message of the Word of God and the vision of Runa Simi, the churches were very encouraged and strengthened in their faith and encouraged to continue to the work of the Lord.  Then we traveled to Puno, Juliaca and Cusco to distribute the Proclaimer in different communities; Vilcabamba, Paucartambo, Pisaq, Cachimayo and Cusco itself. A sister, when we arrived at her house, told us that before listening to the audio Bible she lived in dissention with her husband and her family but after hearing the message of God’s word, they now live in harmony. Another sister, the daughter-in-law of the host, said that her friends from the school made her listen to the Proclaimer. On her return from school she was baptized without her parents’ knowledge. Her parents were not supportive of the Christian faith. Then one day she was in the church with the brothers and they saw that her mother was coming to look for her. She escaped through the back door and came running to her house so that she would not be beaten. But now she says that her parents are already wanting to know Jesus, too. We also showed the Jesus Film projection in languages ​​of Aymara and Cusco, among others. We noticed that many children and adults were very happy to see the Jesus Film in their own language.Thank you very much friends for this film project. God bless you! The brothers and sisters in the field urgently need to be able to show this film in their communities where they have never seen.

-Nemesio Arango

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