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September-October Update

Dear friends,

We greet you all in the name of our Lord Jesus.

We want to share with you some pictures from our September and October events. To see more pictures and full reports check out our Facebook page and webpage.

Thank you for your prayers and support!
In Christ,

The Runa Simi Team

From the 25th to 27th of October, Samuel and Rosa Saccsara traveled for an ethnomusicology workshop (Native Music workshop) held in Ayacucho and taught by Virginia (Ginny) Whitney and her husband Henry from Filadelfia. They had about 20 students in total who were taught lectures on music theory and were taught how to compose new songs. The students then composed their own songs. They have asked to have another workshop next year to focus on the composition and performance of new songs in Quechua style.

The yearly Chosica Quechua Women’s Conference was held at the Runa Simi Center in October. Sherry Duncan came to teach us on “A Living Hope”. We thank her for doing a wonderful job of communicating the wonderful hope that we have in Jesus. At first we thought we would not have many ladies coming because of different obstacles, but over 70 ladies came from: Andahuaylas, Ayacucho, San Martin, Cuzco, Huanuco, Nazca, etc. They all went home very encouraged with what they learned in the conference and were ready to share with others this great Hope.

Also in October,  Nemesio Arango and Alfredo Fajardo traveled to Puno to distribute the audio scriptures on the “proclaimers”.  They also were able to show the Jesus Film in Quechua and to make contacts for puppet ministry and the distribution of the Book of Hope.  The trip was very long but thankfully, they were able to visit many communities. After sharing the Word of God and Runa Simi’s vision, the churches are very encouraged and strengthened in their faith.  They also collected some great testimonies of what God is doing ….read more

At the beginning of October Pablo and his parents Samuel and Rosa Saccsara traveled to the US for Miguel and Faithe’s wedding. We wish we would have all been able to go from Runa Simi but it was not possible. It was a beautiful wedding and a blessing to many. Miguel and Faithe will continue to serve the Lord in Peru and have started a soccer ministry.

From September 28th-30th a Fraternity of Quechua Radio Communicators was held in the Runa Simi center in Chosica. They attended from 5 Peruvian regions: Ayacucho, Huaraz, Huánuco, Tarapoto and Pichanaki. Three of these brothers have radio broadcasting as one of their responsibilities. The long standing senior  communicators shared how they continue to preach the gospel of the Lord, and touch the lives of others.  They expressed  “We were able to accomplish many things” … read more

In September, the Saccsara family traveled to Cuzco with a team from a church in Chattanooga, USA. They went to share testimonies, teach, and also to share the gospel message and give out vitamins and worm meds to kids. It was a blessing to share with those Quechua brothers and sisters in the city of Cuzco and in surrounding communities.

In September Rosa and Palerma traveled to Huanpica, Andahuaylas. They taught the women of the village. They told them of the great love of God.
This village is very humble people, a very unified church with great hunger for the Word of God. There are many new converts now so that 90% of the population of the village of Huanpica are Christian. They desire that the other 10% come to know the Lord, as well … Read more

In September, Samuel also traveled to the community of Huampica – Andahuaylas to teach a Train and Multiply workshop in Quechua. The workshop had about 40 students. Samuel is very thankful for the Lord leading him to this village. The village lives with a great lack of water, it has a lake but it is salt water not safe for human consumption. He has been teaching workshops in Quechua for many years, and it is encouraging to see the testimonies of those who’ve attended the courses and to see how united their church is, and the respect they have for their leaders. This year this community has won many more families for Christ in other villages. They have a great hunger for the Word of God. When there is a need the community helps each other mutually, and if someone builds a home they all help each other build and with food and all areas of life, putting into practice the Word of God.