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Fraternity of Biblical Promoters

On November 20-22 there was a meeting for Biblical promoters in Ayacucho.

We give thanks to the Almighty Lord for His love and mercy in bringing together these Bible Promoters. Despite the adversities that arose, the Lord gave us encouragement as we studied the Word of God. We shed tears of joy, because the Holy Spirit touched our lives, with the teachings we received from our brother, Claude Ashby.  This workshop was attended by the directors of each region, such as Andahuaylas, central jungle, south jungle, Huancavelica and the region of Ayacucho, in total 40 came. According to our 2017 goal, we have won for the glory of the Lord, 111 new believers, 230 were brought back into fellowship with Him, and 80 have indicated a receptiveness to hear more of the gospel. For the year 2018 we have needs for Bible Promoters, 15 cases to protect the equipment, 6 megaphones to use in the communities, and 10 TVs for Basic Workshops.