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Distribution of the Toys for Little Lambs 2017

For our Christmas project this year we distributed toys to children in Andahuaylas, Huancavelica, Pichanaki, Cusco, Tarapoto and Ayacucho.

Glory to God! These children learned about the true meaning of Christmas and received their toys in a spirit of joy.  They were very thankful to the Lord Jesus for the gifts.

Some children danced for joy, others cried with much emotion.  Many mothers asked for their other children, who were grazing their animals, to be remembered as well.

Thanks to the Lord that we were able to arrive at the towns forgotten by the authorities. That is what Runa Simi does, reaching Quechua homes with the good news of God.

It was a time of great excitement- to see the happy faces of the children! When they saw the panetone Christmas bread and the hot chocolate, everyone (no matter their age) partook with great joy!

In these communities there is a lot of poverty.  I told all the children that to get out of poverty, you have to read the Bible and study to be professionals. Some listened and shook their heads in a way that showed they agreed

Thank you, Friends of Runa Simi.

Pastor Samuel

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