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November Update

November Puppet Team Update

In November we made a trip to Mayobamba which was approximately 20 hours on a seemingly endless winding road. However, it was worth traveling so far because there is much need in the farthest places near the city.

We set ourselves up to present our show with puppets and drawings on a street and we made turned on the loud-speaker to share invitations. Many children and adults appeared and they settled down to see our show. We ended the show very late after it was getting dark because the children kept wanting more. The joy shone on their faces. The next day a group of children appeared and they asked us when they would see puppets again. We looked at each other and asked them to bring more children. Shortly after, about 100 children appeared and we started a Bible study with them. After the trip we were very tired from the heat and the elevation, but thank God we were able to get the permission to present our evangelistic show in the main square.

Huaca, Qarhuarazo

On the return trip to Ayacucho we went through a town called Huaca, which is located approximately 4869 meters above sea level. There we distributed proclaimers and were invited by teachers of the local school to present our puppet show. After doing our show the teachers thanked us repeatedly and were grateful that we had given them a lesson on how to teach the children in a dynamic and fun way. One of the teachers said that they were going to teach in the same way going forward.


We arrived at Patawasi about 11:30 in the morning, to a school where we were expecting children from primary and secondary school. Here we had a lot of difficulties. One of the challenges was that one of the buildings had no power. We also lost our suitcase of hats. In addition, we went hungry some of the time and I was worried about my team and the suitcase that was lost. Yet, despite everything, thanks to God, we can share the Word of God with children.