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Train and Multiple Inductive Workshop

A Train and Multiply workshop was held in Chontaca, Ayacucho on February 23-24, 2018.

Thanks be to the God of Israel for giving me this great opportunity to reach the village of Chontaca.  It is a community to the east, about an hour from the province of Huamanga.

More women that men were in attendance. Before this workshop, they had never received God’s Word in their language as a workshop with study groups. They  had only heard  sermons.  As the workshop progressed, the Holy Spirit opened the understanding and spiritual eyes of the students, and they had a great desire to study.  Some said that it was easy to study and they began to pray, crying out before God, saying ”We now hear you, Lord.” The women, many along with their babies, studied and did not want to stop looking into their Bibles.

The pastor who started this Church told me that today there are many false prophetesses who are entering the churches, seeking to lead the believers astray through interpretation of dreams.

-Pastor Samuel