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The Word in Cusco

A Train and Multiply Workshop was held at  Maranatha Evangelical Church in Cachi Mayo, Cusco from March 23-24, 2018.

Glory be to the Eternal God, The Adonai.

Thanks to Pastor Bernardo for coordinating this workshop.

The workshop was held in Quechua Ayacucho, at their request. The basic workshop with the book of Jude was given … they were given the opportunity to study in groups, when they discovered the truths for themselves, they presented in front of everyone.

Impact from this workshop:

Brother Menecio had been angry with God for some time because his wife left with another man, leaving him with a baby only months old.  He told us that he left his house that day with the baby in his arms and went to the bank of a river and prayed to God with shouts, asking why this had happened to him, while his little dog licked his hands. Thank God, during this workshop, this brother was blessed and asked forgiveness from God and the woman who left him 30 years ago.