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Women of the Bible

A Women of the Bible workshop was held May 15 -17 of March,  2018.

My dear family in Jesus, I am writing

my report on the workshop of preparing visuals for the teachers of “Women of the Bible.” If you remember, we have trained these ladies for 2 years. They graduated in 2017. This year we are equipping them with materials to teach. This time, we could only do the visuals from the first workshop, but they were excited to color. They said they forgot all their worries while they colored, they were very happy.

The majority are teaching in their churches, and some are still afraid to do it alone and they want Palerma and I to go to their villages to see what they are teaching and make suggestions if anything is lacking, we pray that they’ll overcome that fear.

I am personally thankful to God for making this dream a reality, and that more Quechua women are trained to teach the word of God to other women in their churches. Hallelujah.