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Saving Our Generation

There was a workshop held in Ayacucho from February 26-28.

With all my heart I’m so thankful to the Lord  Jesus, for  his love for all the children and for this workshop here in Ayacucho.  Last year when we visited the communities bringing toys for Christmas, I found out that the churches were not teaching their children

The Word of God and there was no Sunday school, because there was no one to teach them and no materials. I also found out that the pastors and leaders didn’t realize how important this was.

For this workshop we we invited the pastors and leaders to show them the importance

of teaching our children because they are the future of our churches.

The end result was that all the pastors were touched by the Holy Spirit, and asked God for forgiveness. Now they returned to their churches and began to teach their children and lead them to the Lord.

Please pray that their children will know Jesus and what He did for them.  That they won’t be ashamed of their language and culture and be good Christians from their youth.