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Literacy Report

23 – 30 January 2018         Training and coordination for literacy in  Nuevo Santiago, Vista Alegre, Nazca

Carmen taught Basic Quechua reading promotion with the course “7 Commandments” (Kamachikuykuna), for three evenings in the church “Ambassadors for Christ”.

25 – 31 January 2018     Training for Quechua Bible reading in the church in Panamericana, Vista Alegre, Nazca

Carmen and Palerma visited and taught in the “Panamericana” church which is the main AD church in Nazca. She taught the course “The Heart of Man” (Runapa Sonqo) in Quechua to promote the use of the Ayacucho Quechua Bible

26 – 27 January 2018       Quechua reading promotion in Nuevo Santiago, Vista Alegre, Nazca

Carmen taught in one of Nuevo Santiago’s annexes, Ambassadors for Christ.  She taught 2 courses in Quechua (Runapa Sonqo and 7 Kamachikuykuna).  She also worked with the literacy promoters to improve their teaching of the literacy course “Yachaychik Diospa Nisqanta”.  In the evenings she showed the GENESIS video in Quechua.

29 – 30 January 2018       Quechua literacy and promotion of Quechua Bible reading in children’s program in the Evangelical Pentecostal church “Living Water” Las Villas, Ica.

Carmen taught a second level literacy course with the Quechua Bible book of Ruth, to Quechua literacy promoters.  She and her daughter Laura also worked with the children in the church´s Vacation Bible School with the Bible lessons “David, a true friend of God”.

01 – 02 February 2018     Ongoing Literacy training and Quechua reading promotion in Nuevo Santiago, Vista Alegre, Nazca.

Carmen taught in Nuevo Santiago in the “Embajadores de Cristo” group.  She continued to teach “7 Commandments” and “Learning to read God’s word” literacy training.   In the evenings she showed the 3rd part of the Genesis Video, also in Quechua Ayacucho.


Testimony –  Candelaria Rupay, 86.

Sister Candelaria is a new believer who accepted Jesus in November of 2017.  She told her story to Carmen when visiting in February.  Candelaria said that non-believers in her mountain community had convinced her that the “Evangelicals” were immoral, goats, heretics… and they were to blame for hail, strong winds, drought and everything bad that came their way. She said “All of my brothers and sisters are believers and also my 3 children, but I still resisted in accepting the Gospel as truth.  My son in law, Pio, shared the Gospel with me every time he visited, and I always made up excuses.  I lived alone in Retama, my children were in Lima, Ica and Huamanga.  My family visited often and always said, “Mama, please come live with us”, but I didn’t listen.  One day when Pio and my daughter Felicitas visited me, they brought the audio Bible in Quechua and for the first time I was able to hear God’s Word in my own language. The Lord touched my heart through God’s Word on the audio player (dramatized version of the New Testament in Ayacucho Quechua). Felicitas said to me, Mama, you can’t go on like this, God loves you very much, He doesn’t want you to be alone, let’s go to Ica and we can listen to God’s Word and together praise God.  So that is how I am here with my family listening to God’s Word in Quechua.  When I listen, everything else fades away as I listen intently and understand God’s Word through the voices on the player. I feel so blessed!  It as if they are right beside me.”