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Train and Multiply

A Train and Multiply workshop was held in Llochegua,  VRAE Jungle region of Ayacucho from April 21-22. Thirty people attended.

Thanks to God Almighty of Israel.  We arrived at this town that is located in the VRAE jungle of Ayacucho.  We arrived very tired because the roads are not good.

We found Quechuas who  had come to this town  in the 1980s, displaced by terrorism.   Thank God they know the Lord Jesus. They were eager to hear the Word of God in their language,  and when they heard it, they began to weep.

The pastor of this Church  is named Odelon Orosco.  During this workshop, he was glorifying God because he remembered how the Lord had healed him when he was in a hospital.  The doctors had told him that they gave him no hope- no possibility of recovery. He prayed to God and then fell asleep.  He began to dream -a man in white clothes under the sky told him that he going to operate. When he woke up, he thought it was a dream, nothing more.  But soon he realized he was no longer in pain! It was then he realized the had been healed! Now this pastor is eager to carry out more study workshops in the jungle.