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Train and Multiply in Ñaupas

A Train and Multiply workshop was held in Ñaupas, Ayacucho from April 24-25.

For the Glory of the Lord Jesus…. The Quechuas have found in this workshop their Redeemer who died for them.

By studying personally, they have found the person of Jesus in each element of the Temple, and among them they discussed the places where each piece was found in the Temple.

Thanks to the Holy Spirit, they have understood that to worship God rightly is to worship His way.

When they understood what they read in the Holy Bible related to their lives, they realized that they were not performing according to God’s command in their Sunday worship services.

They have promised to fulfill the priesthood that the Lord gave them. They have promised to study the Bible, to pray, and be an example in their community as a light in the midst of darkness.

Men and women will now be able to sit together in the Church, no longer separated, because the Lord opened the door to the Holy of Holies.

Visiting this town was a great blessing because they receive us with great joy and excitement.  Leaving their chores, they came and attended the 2 day workshop. There are many elderly people here who have been forgotten- even by their children. They do not  even have enough to eat.  Some are suffering pain from various conditions in their weak bodies as they wait for the Lord.  When they see me, they ask me to lay hands upon them and pray- the pain will not leave their knees and bones.  When I pray for them they feel better, thank me, and ask me to return soon and  not to forget them.

-Pastor Samuel