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2nd Quechua Women’s Conference

A women’s conference was held in Huampica and Andahuaylas from August 29-31.

In the village of Huanpica, 90% of inhabitants are Christians. Pastor Herman and his wife Gloria have been pastoring for 30 years. They never studied at a Biblical seminary to learn to pastor a church, but they believed and trusted in the living Lord, that He is the only God. I would like to share what God has done in this place. Ten years ago, the church was asking God for water. The village didn’t have water, the lake in the picture is saltwater, so they brought water from the river. The river is a long way away, separated from the village by a huge cliff, and they carried water up in canteens. When they decided they wanted to celebrate the church’s anniversary with a party, they invited churches from surrounding villages and met with 400 people, the party lasted 3 days, so they were worried about having enough water to cook breakfast, lunch, and dinner. It’s a hard job to bring water from the river! They say that they agreed amongst themselves to pray and fast, asking the Lord to send them water. They say that that day they prayed and fasted, and in the afternoon, the sky was cloudy, and it started to rain. All of the people received the water in every bucket and pot they could find. First of all, in the month of August, it doesn’t rain in this reason. It was a miracle from God, what happened that day. The Catholic community saw what happened, and as a result, 90% of the village became Christians. Hallelujah!

I am so thankful to God for Margaret and Sabrena for traveling to this village, so far from the capital of Peru, where it’s tiring to travel for long hours. In this place, there is no shower, no real bathroom, and they were there for 3 days, eating what the locals eat and sleeping where they sleep. Thank you my sisters, God bless my sister Donna who, although she was sick with the flu, made a huge effort to translate. I ask God to bless the whole group in the picture on the first page, all of them went for this conference.

I also thank my sisters Margaret and Sabrena for blessing my Quechua sisters and the pastors with their gifts that they brought: the scarves, hats, and clothing. Thank you my sisters, God bless you greatly.