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Train and Multiply

A Train and Multiply workshop was held in Andahuaylas and Huampica from August 29-30th.

Blessed be the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. Thanks to Him we were able to visit this village- far from Lima. In this village there is a people who praise God. Thanks to the evangelistic efforts of Pastor German Ortiz and his wife, Gloria Ramos, most everyone has been won to the Lord. It is a people who are very thirsty for the Word of God.

When we arrived, they left their chores and attended the study- men, women, youth and children. In this town there are 120 families who speak Chanca Quechua, there is a lot of illiteracy. The 40 Minute Precept study “How Do You Walk The Walk You Talk” was taught. They saw that their Christian walks were not what the Lord wanted- as light in the midst of darkness. They recognized their machismo pride and lack of forgiveness toward others.

After the study we went out to the streets of the town to clean. In this way the nonbelievers saw that we were showing God’s love to them. Some students were ashamed to pick up the garbage, but they did it because it encouraged them to be an example and humble. At lunchtime, the women were in charge of serving. The men distributed the food. The meal was made from the food they grew themselves- corn, wheat, etc. By faith, they began to dig the ditches to outline the temple of the Lord. They asked for prayer so that this work does not stop due to the climate there- at times the heat and the cold are very strong.

We know that prayer is very powerful- let’s help this people of the Lord. Within this group, there are sick people, and others who have difficulty in reading. This Church is an example in this region for other believers.