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Women’s Conference in Ayacucho

A women’s conference was held in Ayacucho from August 22-24.

Praise the Lord, we are home at last. I want to thank all my brothers who prayed when I sent my agenda with the workshops and conferences, I want to tell you that each of you have sown the word of God in the hearts of the Quechua people through us. You, by your prayers, have done something wonderful and irreplaceable. We had so many difficulties at the beginning of the events, one after another, but praises be unto our Savior Jesus, we overcame every obstacle and were able to complete all the workshops and conferences as planned. I would like to thank my sister Margaret Arant for the teachings she brought about Ezra, “Constructing the Temple of God in our Lives.” Many Quechua ladies did not know the significance of the tabernacle and that now we are the temple of God. Since they don’t know, many commit so many sins to their own bodies. Even I was awestruck and now I know that My Body is a temple of the Holy Spirit. Hallelujah

Thank you, sister Sabrena for the devotionals and crafts. Thank you for your love in fulfilling this need, for coming to Peru. Thank you sister Donna for all the translation, because without translation we would understand nothing. God bless you both, Sabrena and Donna. Thanks be to God for also bringing my brothers and sisters from Chattanooga, thank you to sister Stephanie for bringing teachings on marriage and to Faithe for translating, may God bless you. Thank you to my brothers JD, Roberto, Jeff, Chase, Bryan, Chris and those who taught marriage topics to the men’s group.

A brother named Simeon who came 8 and a half hours from his village told me, “thank you for inviting me to this conference, the teachings and counsel about marriage were very precious to me. I was in need of it, and now I know I should forgive and seek to understand my wife the way God forgives me and died on the cross for me, something not even my own parents would do for me.” There was also a 12 year old boy in the classes named Keni. When he returned to his village, he had to explain to his teacher why he missed class, and in telling her about his attendance at the men’s conference, he also told her that Jesus forgives our sin and died to save us and we should forgive in the same way. The teacher told him to take his handouts from the men’s conference and share what he had learned during religion class in his grade, and he is doing it. The teacher called his father to praise him for having taken Keni to the conference, because Keni is now able to explain the Word of God in a beautiful way. I also thank my sister Virginia Whitney for bringing us the devotional at the Women’s conference. Thank you so much sisters and brothers, we will never be able to repay you for all that you have done. I ask God to bless you greatly. All the honor and glory be unto our all-powerful Lord God.

-Rosa Saccsara