Distribution of the Toys for Little Lambs 2017

For our Christmas project this year we distributed toys to children in Andahuaylas, Huancavelica, Pichanaki, Cusco, Tarapoto and Ayacucho. Glory to God! These children learned about the true meaning of Christmas and received their toys in a spirit of joy.  They were very thankful to the Lord Jesus for the gifts. Some children danced for

Fraternity of Biblical Promoters

On November 20-22 there was a meeting for Biblical promoters in Ayacucho. We give thanks to the Almighty Lord for His love and mercy in bringing together these Bible Promoters. Despite the adversities that arose, the Lord gave us encouragement as we studied the Word of God. We shed tears of joy, because the Holy

September-October Update

Dear friends, We greet you all in the name of our Lord Jesus. We want to share with you some pictures from our September and October events. To see more pictures and full reports check out our Facebook page and webpage. Thank you for your prayers and support! In Christ, The Runa Simi Team From the

Work in the Puno Area

Dear Brothers and Sisters, This past month of October we traveled to Puno with Alfredo Fajardo for the distribution of Proclaimers, showings of the Jesus Film, Puppet Ministry and distribution of the Book of Life. The trip was very long but, thank God, we can get to many places like Juli, Yunguyo Santa Rosa and

Fraternity of Quechua Radio Communicators

A meeting was held in Chosica from Sept 28-30 for the Quechua radio broadcast fraternity. Thank you Lord Jesus for bringing together these gospel communicators. They attended from 5 regions: Ayacucho, Huaraz, Huánuco, Tarapoto and Pichanaki. Three of these brothers have  radio broadcasting as one of their responsibilities. The long standing senior communicators, Prospero Colonia

Teaching in Andahuaylas

My dear family in Christ Jesus, I am sending this report of the trip to Andahuaylas, on September 8-9.  I don’t have pictures from this workshop since there was no one to take them while we were teaching. But we told them about the great love of God. When we were walking to the village,

September Update

Dear friends, We greet you all in the name of our Lord Jesus. We are so thankful for your prayers and support. We are also praying for all our friends in the US who have gone through the different Hurricanes and storms. We pray that it be a time that many will be drawn to Christ.

August Update

Dear friends, We are so thankful for your prayers and support these last couple months. Below are pictures from most recent to oldest. In Christ, The Runa Simi Team In July…  Dr. David Hard came to teach at the Theological Seminary by Extension sessions on “The Roots of our Faith”, (the reformation and how it

Three Runa Simi Ministries

Three Runa Simi Ministries Merge For a Bigger “Splash” in the Quechua World During the  month of July, the “Faith Comes by Hearing” audio Scripture ministry partnered with the “Jesus Film” and “Puppet Ministry” to take the Gospel to the Ayacucho Quechua communities in Qoñani, Concepcion, and Pichari (jungles).  This successful outreach program was headed

Film Showing and Puppet Show Events

We had a puppet show and film events from the 21st-24th of July, in Qoñani and Vraem. In Qoñani we distributed the Proclaimers, has a presentation of Puppet show training and presentation of films. On Saturday night in the middle of the opening we showed the film of the rapture and many brothers reconciled their