Radio Ministry with the Quechua

Every year we visit Quechua stations with which we have had different radio workshops. The purpose is to encourage them to continue proclaiming Jesus on the radio in the mother tongue. We also want to know their needs and help if it is within our ability. In this image I am in the city of

Audio Video Bible Promotion

Audio-video Bible promotion was done June 24-25. The Almighty Lord Jesus has gathered the new promoters of the Bible, to touch hearts of men. They came from many places: 2 communities in Huancavelica ,Pichari, Nueva Fortaleza, Cangallo; Putica, Acocro; Rosas Pata. The students shared their very exciting testimonies.  They had a great desire to go

Quechua Women’s Workshop

A final session and graduation for Quechua women’s workshop was held in Ayacucho from May 18-20. My dear family, remember when I was sending you my report for the 1st – 4th women’s trainings? Now, this is the 5th and the last, and I am very thankful to God for making this dream come true

Train and Multiply

A training was held in Ñaupas on May 17-18. Praise the Lord that in this village there is a church of the Lord Jesus Christ who deeply desires to pursue sound doctrine. It is located at 10,500 feet above sea level, and because of its location and its climate there is no one who will

May Update and Prayer Requests

Dear friends, We are so thankful for your prayers and support. Time seems to be going by quickly. The landslides has slowed us down this year at Runa Simi, but also has been a great opportunity to serve those close to us. Pablo and Samuel had a great couple weeks in the US visiting friends,

Women’s Training

A 4th Quechua “Women of the Bible” training was held in Ayacucho on March 16-18. Once again, thanks be to God, I am able to inform you all, my dear family in Jesus Christ, of the fourth Quechua Women’s Training. This time, everyone arrived very eager to continue their studies, and very happy to understand

Basic Bible Promotion Workshop

A workshop was held from March 20-22 in Ayacucho. “My dear children, for whom I am again in the pains of childbirth until Christ is formed in you..” Galatians 4:19 It is the desire of my heart that these students grow in the person of Jesus Christ, and to send them out as  missionaries in the

Update and Prayer Requests

Dear friends, We are so thankful for the amazing things God has already been doing among the Quechua people this year. We are also thankful for this week’s SETE Seminary by extension course with our Runa Simi gang and others from nearby churches. Below we want to share with you a few prayer requests and pictures

Train and Multiply in San Rafael

Thank you, Lord Jesus, for this Church, for keeping everyone in unity and hungry for the Word of God. At the request of Pastor Marino, we conducted the study entitled “The Truth About Sex” because their children had been studying and had questions about gender identity and sexual orientation. When we began to study in

Training in Naupas

A training was held in Ñaupas on February 17-18. “…we hear them in our own tongues speaking of the mighty deeds of God.” Acts 2:11 Glory to God, the Lord Jesus is good to my brothers in this community. Despite their poverty, they follow the Lord. After three years I returned to give a study workshop, and