Biblical Study Workshop

Biblical Study Workshop:  The Truth  About Sex June  1-2 , 2016 Blessed are the words of the Lord Jesus.  Thank you, Holy Spirit, for illuminating the Word. The Quechua were able to understand the truth about sex. The students said that no one ever teaches on this subject because it seems like a dirty thing

Bible Promotion

PROGRESS REPORT OF AYACUCHO QUECHUA BIBLE PROMOTION By Runa Simi – August – 2016 Runa Simi is an evangelical Quechua mission that has been working in audio-visual Bible promotion in the Quechua – speaking areas of Southern Ayacucho and Andahuaylas under the coordination of Pastor Samuel Saccsara. Their mission is to train Quechua leaders to

Prayer Requests

Please Pray … – for Alfredo Fajardo who is still recovering from his first two eye surgeries and he will be having his third surgery this week on the 24th. So please pray that he may continue a good recovery. – for Berta and her husband working with the Literacy program with Quechua women in Andahuaylas and for

April-May Update

Dear friends, Below are pictures of some activities and ministries done these last couple months. Also pray for all of us as we have been preparing for teams arriving this week and the next couple months and pray for our missionaries that are having some health issues. The Runa Simi Team During the first week

February-March Update

Dear friends, Below are pictures of some activities done this month also some prayer requests: Please pray: – for Berta Ccoicca who is traveling back to Andahuaylas. – for Rosa Saccsara and Palerma Moreno who will be traveling to Ayacucho to teach women the first week of April. – Samuel Saccsara will be doing follow-up on Bible

January Prayer Requests

Please Pray … – for Palerma Moreno who is spending January and February in Huanuco directing the yearly CEFMA Youth Bible Institute. Also pray for Samuel Saccsara who will be joining her next week to teach at CEFMA. – for The Quechua church group that is in Ayacucho this week helping out in the construction of the new

Quechua Christmas

Hello friends, Runa Simi supporters, and brothers and sisters in Christ! My name is Faithe Robinson. For those of you who don’t know me, I am a junior at Liberty University where I am majoring in Global Studies, and minoring in Spanish and Sport Outreach. I have been to Peru twice with my fantastic “home

Pray for Alfredo

Dear friends, Please pray for Alfredo who is having eye treatment for a detached retina. He had initial surgery on the 2nd and will have surgery again in a couple of months. He will be in treatment for at least 6 months.  In 2000, 15 years ago, Alfredo was in a bad bus accident when

December Update

Dear friends, In December many of us spent Christmas with family, friends, and church.  There was also a lot of ministry outreach throughout December. Below are a few pictures for you to see what our month looked like. Don’t forget if you would like to see more pictures of what we are up to, please like our

Train and Multiply

Thanks to the powerful God of Jacob, I’m making this report! My wife Rosa and I made a trip to Ayacucho and Huancavelica, on Sept 16th for three reasons. One reason was to give an eschatology study in the Antaparcco church. The second was to visit the Bible promoters and to go with them to