Toys for Andean Lambs-Christmas Project

Toys for Andean Lambs-Christmas Project

It’s that time of year again! The time of year when we prepare for our Christmas Project for the children of the Andes! Project Goal for 2016:    To give a small Christmas present to 1,620 Quechua children in 12 communities and churches in Ayacucho, Andahuaylas, and Lima, and to present to each child the gospel

Train and Multiply in Yanama

A train and multiply workshop was held in Yanama from Sept 30-Oct 1 I thank God for He loves this Church. It is a church that is starting very strongly in the midst of great need  (see the pulpit and chairs) Those who gather are  from different Andean Quechua communities. The Word of God in

Workshop in Pichari

The Lord Jesus, the Almighty, Lord of the harvest, the Missionary example, who came to look for those who were lost, gave us the blessing to reach a village that is located in Trincavine Pichari VRAE area. The workshop was help from Sept 27-28th. Quechuas live here because of their work.  They plant cocoa, coffee

Train and Multiply Workshop

A Train and Multiply workshop was held in Challhuanca, Apurímac from September 7-8. For the glory of the Lord Jesus, the majesty of God and through the help of the Holy Spirit, this workshop study was conducted in Chalhuanca, a town full of idolatry and alcoholism. Thanks to the existence of the Church of the

Train and Multiply in Huancasancos

On August 24-25 we held a training in Huancasancos The power of God’s Word came to this missionary church called Huanca Sancos. It is a church that has more human traditions than the doctrines of God. The day of the workshop, I saw  the pastor enter the sanctuary,  leaving his shoes and kneeling on his

Train and Multiply Workshop in Quechua

Thanks to the Almighty Lord Jesus. We had a training on August 22-23 in Ayacucho. These students are leaders and pastors in 7 different regions who are sharing these workshops back in their communities. In order to attend this workshop, some traveled 10 hours from the jungle, some four and half hours from Huanca Sancos,

Update and Prayer Requests

Dear friends, We had a great SETE seminary by extension course here at Runa Simi last week. Attendance was mostly leaders from the local Quechua churches and Runa Simi family.  It was followed by the same course in Ayacucho. Please pray: – for Samuel and Rosa who are in Ayacucho this week.  Samuel will be going

Literacy Program Update

TRAINING IN ANTAJARA In Antajara, Piscobamba, six ladies were trained to be literacy teachers in their churches. Many sisters want to learn how to read the Bible in Quechua. The pastors and leaders also studied the Train and Multiply course “Ayllumanta” (The Family). TRAINING IN CCONIQPUQUIO In Cconiqpuquio, Andahuaylas, six promoters were trained. Also, the

Prayer Requests

Dear friends, This past weekend we had a great Raymi celebration, where people came from all their Quechua churches from Andean and jungle areas where they speak Quechua, to celebrate what the Lord has done for us as the Church. Currently we are also having a youth conference here at Runa Simi. We have a

Bible Promotion Evangelism

Bible Promotion Evangelism  Five communities in the Andes Mountains of Peru June 20-25, 2016 Thanks be to the Almighty God- Creator of the heavens and earth. A North American team accompanied us as we had the opportunity to visit five communities:  Acosvinchos, Rumichaka, San Rafael, Illapanpa and Yanama. It was a great blessing to take