Our Team

Pablo and Kusi Saccsara


Children and Youth Ministry, Evangelism, Discipleship, Training

Dany Parado

Vice President

Radio Ministry, Communications

Donna Sauñe

Treasurer, Literacy Program Director

Women’s Ministry, Administration

Palerma Moreno


Literacy Program, Women’s Ministry, CEFMA, Training, Discipleship, Evangelism

Alfredo Fajardo

Discipleship, Evangelism, Faith Comes by Hearing Distribution

Samuel Saccsara

Discipleship, Evangelism, Pastoral Training

Rosa Saccsara

Women’s Ministry, Discipleship, Evangelism

Bertha Ccoicca

Literacy Program, Women’s Ministry, Youth Ministry, Evangelism, Discipleship

Carmen Jauregui

Literacy Program, Women’s Ministry, Evangelism, Discipleship

Nemesio Arango

Puppet Ministry Director, Evangelism, Discipleship

Hilda Huarcaya

Literacy Program, Women’s Ministry, Discipleship, Evangelism

Tawa and Laura Sauñe

Public Relations, Website, Online Donations


Miguel Saccsara

Children and Youth Ministry, Evangelism, Discipleship