Carmen Jauregui

Fun Fact

Carmen was forbidden to speak Quechua as a young girl, but later became a consultant for Quechua Bible translators.

Carmen grew up in the city of Ayacucho where she felt the same lack of understanding, and discrimination commonly shown to Quechua women all over the Andes. She was forced to marry at the age of twelve only to be sent away from her husband shortly after and forced to divorce him within months. As a teenager she worked in Lima helping missionaries in their homes. She heard the Gospel through the missionaries and realized that God was the only one who truly loved and understood her perfectly. Carmen knew that there were many other Quechua women who did not yet know Jesus. She knew they felt unloved and misunderstood. Carmen joined Runa Simi to take these women the Gospel and show them the truth of Christ’s love.

Carmen is part of Runa Simi’s Literacy Ministry. The great majority of Quechua women cannot read, yet many desire to learn about the Bible. Through the Literacy Ministry, Quechua ladies learn how to read using Bible based materials and are gifted a Quechua bible upon graduating from the course.

Carmen travels to different parts of Peru teaching Quechua women “Train and Multiply” discipleship courses. These ladies are often accompanied by their husbands, pastors and children.  Carmen also shares Bible videos on the digital “photo frame”.  Whole communities are changed by God´s Word.

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