Music Workshop: The Value of Native Music

A music workshop was held on the value of our native music in Ayacucho, Huamanga, and Huanta from August 20-26th. Thank God and all the native musical groups that showed up for this event. The Quechua people will never cease to exist nor their culture, even though it looks like a people that is disappearing.

Train and Multiply

A Train and Multiply workshop was held in Andahuaylas and Huampica from August 29-30th. Blessed be the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. Thanks to Him we were able to visit this village- far from Lima. In this village there is a people who praise God. Thanks to the evangelistic efforts of Pastor German Ortiz

2nd Quechua Women’s Conference

A women’s conference was held in Huampica and Andahuaylas from August 29-31. In the village of Huanpica, 90% of inhabitants are Christians. Pastor Herman and his wife Gloria have been pastoring for 30 years. They never studied at a Biblical seminary to learn to pastor a church, but they believed and trusted in the living

Women’s Conference in Ayacucho

A women’s conference was held in Ayacucho from August 22-24. Praise the Lord, we are home at last. I want to thank all my brothers who prayed when I sent my agenda with the workshops and conferences, I want to tell you that each of you have sown the word of God in the hearts

Train and Multiply in Ñaupas

A Train and Multiply workshop was held in Ñaupas, Ayacucho from April 24-25. For the Glory of the Lord Jesus…. The Quechuas have found in this workshop their Redeemer who died for them. By studying personally, they have found the person of Jesus in each element of the Temple, and among them they discussed the

Train and Multiply

A Train and Multiply workshop was held in Llochegua,  VRAE Jungle region of Ayacucho from April 21-22. Thirty people attended. Thanks to God Almighty of Israel.  We arrived at this town that is located in the VRAE jungle of Ayacucho.  We arrived very tired because the roads are not good. We found Quechuas who  had

Literacy Report

23 – 30 January 2018         Training and coordination for literacy in  Nuevo Santiago, Vista Alegre, Nazca Carmen taught Basic Quechua reading promotion with the course “7 Commandments” (Kamachikuykuna), for three evenings in the church “Ambassadors for Christ”. 25 – 31 January 2018     Training for Quechua Bible reading in the church in Panamericana, Vista Alegre, Nazca

Saving Our Generation

There was a workshop held in Ayacucho from February 26-28. With all my heart I’m so thankful to the Lord  Jesus, for  his love for all the children and for this workshop here in Ayacucho.  Last year when we visited the communities bringing toys for Christmas, I found out that the churches were not teaching

Women of the Bible

A Women of the Bible workshop was held May 15 -17 of March,  2018. My dear family in Jesus, I am writing my report on the workshop of preparing visuals for the teachers of “Women of the Bible.” If you remember, we have trained these ladies for 2 years. They graduated in 2017. This year

The Word in Cusco

A Train and Multiply Workshop was held at  Maranatha Evangelical Church in Cachi Mayo, Cusco from March 23-24, 2018. Glory be to the Eternal God, The Adonai. Thanks to Pastor Bernardo for coordinating this workshop. The workshop was held in Quechua Ayacucho, at their request. The basic workshop with the book of Jude was given