We combine fitness with Bible studies, devotionals, centering on peer support to achieve total wellness. Promoting fitness with education, becoming physically, emotionally, spiritually well, helping individuals with their negative patterns and who want to change their lifestyle. We believe the combination of fitness with the study of God’s Word can provide a new positive focus on their lives.

Runa Simi also sometimes sponsors many different medical teams that come from the U.S. Summers (June-August) are usually the biggest time for medical trips. Groups are comprised of doctors, nurses, surgeons, eye doctors, and evangelism teams. The teams travel to different communities in the jungles and mountains of Peru, depending upon the need. They minister to the physical needs of the communities through doctor’s consultants, medicine and glasses. Evangelism teams work with the children or adults who are waiting in order to share the good news of Jesus Christ. These communities are grateful for any medical attention they can receive, as many do not have access to medicine and cannot see a doctor.