Train and Multiply Workshops

In 1987 the translation of the Quechua Ayacucho Bible was finished. Years of political upheaval followed. Churches sprouted up all over the mountains of Peru as people accepted the good news of Christ. It was a wonderful time of growth for the church. Yet, simply having the Bible was not enough. Runa Simi saw the desperate need to train pastors and laypeople.

Runa Simi trains leaders at the center in Chosica and also holds training sessions in remote towns in the mountains. Using the “Train and Multiply” technique in Quechua, pastors and leaders are able to learn simple, basic Biblical truths and theology. The materials are easy to understand and provide practical lessons for daily life. Leaders are also trained to teach their own groups of students. In this way pastors and leaders are able to take what they’ve learned to their communities and continue training others. The Quechua Bibles are being read, studied, and shared.

Another focus of Runa Simi’s discipleship is inductive Quechua Bible study. Leaders are taught the valuable tool of how to study the Bible. Through careful observation of the passage they are able to learn more about God and more about themselves and to apply what they’ve learned to their lives. Countless lives are transformed as people understand the truths of the Bible.

Runa Simi also networks with the SALT/SETE ministry (Seminary of Theology Training by Extension) in order to prepare pastors who have had no formal pastoral training. In this way the Quechua pastors are acquiring Bible knowledge and true doctrine in order to better serve the Lord in their churches.