What We Do

Train and Multiply Workshops

Training lay pastors and leaders with basic Bible courses.


Spreading the good news of the Gospel of Jesus Christ throughout the mountains, jungles, and deserts of Peru.


Teaching Quechua women to read using Bible based materials.

Children and Youth Ministry

Providing teaching tools for the youth so that they may reach out to their peers and to children in their communities.


Promoting scripture through audio and video production as well as training national leaders through workshops.


Translating and editing Bible based materials in the Ayacucho Quechua dialect.

Women's Ministry

Promoting, valuing, and encouraging Quechua and native women. We desire to treat women in the same way that Jesus treated them: with honor, dignity and respect.


Combining fitness with Bible devotionals, centering on peer support to achieve total wellness and sponsoring national and international medical teams who serve on short term outreach to needy communities.