Runa Simi promotes scriptures through their recording studio with audio and video production. They also train national leaders through workshops including teachings on audio-visual Bible promotion, editing radio programs, and computer audio-video editing.

Runa Simi also partners with two different Quechua Christian radio stations in Chazuta and Huancayo. Approximately 150,000 people listen to these radio stations. Trainings are held to teach local leaders how to use and maintains the radio equipment. Other radio workshops are also held throughout the year.

By partnering with Hosanna Ministries, Wycliffe Bible Translators, and The Bible Society, Runa Simi promotes the “Faith Comes by Hearing” program. This is accomplished by distributing the audio scriptures and by training leaders to use the audio scriptures in their family groups, churches, and congregations. One of the components of “Faith Comes by Hearing” is the Proclaimer. The Proclaimer is a brick-sized device that plays the audio Bible. It is solar, battery and crank powered. Churches and communities are able to use these audio Bibles in even the most remote locations. They form listening groups and are able to hear the Scriptures in their mother tongue. Part of the “Faith Comes by Hearing” program is also the evangelistic ministry of showing the Jesus Film along with the Genesis, Luke, One Hope, and God Story in audio and video.


As a service to the indigenous churches, each year Runa Simi sponsors several audio recordings of traditional native music groups to encourage the use of indigenous scriptures in song and worship. These master recordings are reproduced and then used for their outreach to the communities and churches in their dialect area.

The photo frame project is also a valuable ministry. The photo frames can be loaded with pictures and slides through a USB port and in this way groups can learn from the presentation. Runa Simi holds Bible promotion workshops where promoters are trained to use the photo frames to spread the Word of God throughout the communities. This program has had a great impact on many lives.