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May Update and Prayer Requests

Dear friends,

We are so thankful for your prayers and support.

Time seems to be going by quickly. The landslides has slowed us down this year at Runa Simi, but also has been a great opportunity to serve those close to us.
Pablo and Samuel had a great couple weeks in the US visiting friends, supporters, churches and attending the Runa Simi board meetings in Stone Mountain, GA.
Palerma and Rosa were in Tarapoto with the Women of the Bible program and also Miguel traveled to teach the youth.
Nemesio Arango has returned from Spain, and we are thankful that they were abled to finish recording the Euskara language for the Basque people with the team there.
Please pray:
– for Kusi as she is still recuperating from a shoulder RC injury, she’s feeling better, but still has some pain at night.
– for the water situation in Chosica. There are still many areas without water. Pray as we continue to serve those in need.
– for many of us who will be traveling to Ayacucho next week, for the graduation of some of the Quechua ladies from our Women of the Bible program and to go to some of the higher altitude villages to take donations and warm clothing before the peruvian winter hits in those villages.
– for Samuel Saccsara’s workshops coming up in Ayacucho and different areas.
– for Berta Ccoicca who is in Andahuaylas with the literacy program.
– for Palerma who’s sister just passed away this week… for comfort for the family and opportunities for Palerma to share her faith.
– for Nemesio Arango’s niece (Judith) who has cancer.
– for our friend Dora’s son (Yuri) who has cancer.

Rosa and Palerma teaching the women in Tarapoto.


Runa Simi continues to help our local church and community with non-perishable food, drinking water, water tanks, cisterns (water trucks), buckets for filters that were donated, etc. Quirio and other areas continue to be without water, we continue to buy trucks of water when needed. We are so thankful to all who have donated.

Samuel and Pablo had a good time in the US visiting friends and at Runa Simi meetings.



Women’s Training

A 4th Quechua “Women of the Bible” training was held in Ayacucho on March 16-18.

Once again, thanks be to God, I am able to inform you all, my dear family in Jesus Christ, of the fourth Quechua Women’s Training. This time, everyone arrived very eager to continue their studies, and very happy to understand the Word in their language. Eleven students from different places arrived the day before the study. They said they wanted to be sure to arrive on time because there has been a lot of rain, mudslides, and rockslides. Two of them traveled 24 hours and spent almost the whole day trapped behind a rockslide that had covered the road. They had to wait for a tractor to come clean. They told me that they were very hungry because they didn’t have any money to buy food, but eventually they arrived safe and sound, thanks to God.

I tell you that one sister shared with me that her husband did not want her to attend the conference because they did not have money for her bus ticket. She was sad and did not want to miss a workshop. When she was on the way to her farm, the only car of the day appeared. She thought, “If I don’t go, I will miss the study. I am going, even if my husband hits me.” She got in the car. The next day at the study, she told me. I was worried, so I gave her the phone to call her husband. Her husband answered, asking her how her trip was and telling her to take care. Praise the Lord, it was a relief for me. Many arrived with a desire to recite the scripture they had memorized during the studies we have had.

In the month of May, we will host our 5th and final training for them. These ladies will graduate, and receive Certificates from Runa Simi Association, and they will be ready. They will be prepared to teach the topics we have studied, “The Women of the Bible.” Their husbands and their pastors will be there to watch them graduate. Thinking of this gets me excited, and I feel very happy and grateful to God for this gift. I have always suffered listening to them tell me, “Sister Rosa, how I want to serve our Lord by teaching my sisters in Quechua, when you teach us in Quechua I understand everything. But there is no one who teaches us in Quechua when you go back to Lima.” I always wanted them to learn and teach, and now there is a big group who are going to teach in our language, Quechua. Hallelujah!

-Rosa Saccsara

Basic Bible Promotion Workshop

A workshop was held from March 20-22 in Ayacucho.

“My dear children, for whom I am again in the pains of childbirth until Christ is formed in you..”

Galatians 4:19

It is the desire of my heart that these students grow in the person of Jesus Christ, and to send them out as  missionaries in the communities where they live. May the true gospel not be lost in their lives and their churches.

To achieve this goal we have equipped and encouraged them with technology equipment along with videos of Genesis and Luke in Quechua.

At the end of the workshop, they went out in pairs to practice in the nearby homes.  When they returned they gave their reports. One pair was very happy as they reported that a woman gave her life to the Lord! Others who saw the video presentation said that they had never seen the videos in Quechua.

Brother Braulio told us that a girl named Roxana had given her life to the Lord, but her father, knowing this, was annoyed, and threatened to punish the child. Etc. Pray for Roxana’s family.

-Pastor Samuel

Update and Prayer Requests

Dear friends,

We are so thankful for the amazing things God has already been doing among the Quechua people this year. We are also thankful for this week’s SETE Seminary by extension course with our Runa Simi gang and others from nearby churches.
Below we want to share with you a few prayer requests and pictures from Runa Simi’s ministries during January and February of this year.

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Please pray:
– for Samuel,  Miguel Saccsara and SETE leaders who will teaching in Ayacucho March 12th-14th.
– for Rosa and Palerma who will be teaching the Women of the Bible workshop in Ayacucho from the 15th-18th of March.
– for Pablo Saccsara who will be joining the rest of them in Ayacucho for train and multiply workshops from the 18th through the 23rd of March.
– for the planning of Friends of Runa Simi meetings in the US on April 28th and 29th.
– for Berta Ccoicca and Carmen Jauregui’s health.

The Runa Simi Team

Nemesio and his family traveled to Ayacucho with their puppet team to share the gospel in Vacation Bible School. This week they held VBS in our local Quechua church in Chosica.


In February, Samuel and Rosa Saccsara went to Ayacucho to teach a Train and Multiply courses in the village of Naupas. In this village despite their poverty, they follow the Lord.


Samuel and Rosa also traveled to San Rafael in Ayacucho to give a train and multiply workshop. This village promotes unity and is hungry for the Word of God.


In the beginning of February Samuel, Miguel and David (SETE) traveled to Huanuco to teach Bible courses at CEFMA.


Palerma continues to run CEFMA in Huanuco. Many youth travel far from 10 to 20 hours in order to attend this mission institute that happens every year during the school holidays. Many students who have been trained in CEFMA are now doing church planting in the jungles and the mountains of Peru.


In January, Samuel, Rosa and Miguel traveled to Ayacucho to teach a train and multiply course in Quechua to Sunday School teachers and pastors.

Train and Multiply in San Rafael

Thank you, Lord Jesus, for this Church, for keeping everyone in unity and hungry for the Word of God. At the request of Pastor Marino, we conducted the study entitled “The Truth About Sex” because their children had been studying and had questions about gender identity and sexual orientation.

When we began to study in Quechua, seeing the biblical quotations, they were surprised. Pastor Marino said that several times he had read these verses but, could not understand, but now he did understand.

Please pray… so that the Word of God establishes them in the correct way.

For parents to teach their children about sex education, biblically.

Pray for Pastor Julio of the Church of Paqpapata in Ayacucho, he has lost his memory, and his family is very sad etc.

-Samuel Saccsara Yupanqui

Training in Naupas

A training was held in Ñaupas on February 17-18.

“…we hear them in our own tongues speaking of the mighty deeds of God.”

Acts 2:11

Glory to God, the Lord Jesus is good to my brothers in this community. Despite their poverty, they follow the Lord. After three years I returned to give a study workshop, and I saw that they continue to gather to praise God, and to study with the method I taught them before. We studied the topic of “The Truth about Sex”, and they saw the need to speak to their children and share this in other congregations.

After the workshop, a brother told me that he was very sad to hear the Word of the Lord. This was because his son is living in sin with his cousin. Most of the students had similar situations in their families and they began to ask the Lord’s forgiveness.

-Samuel Saccsara Yupanqui

Maintaining Radio Stations in Llata

Thanks be to God who gave me the gift of being an electronics engineer so I can serve my brothers in Christ in this way.

In the above picture we were at about 14,000 ft. above sea level and were climbing up to the radio towers and the radio transmitter on the top of the hill.  The car gave out and we had to walk.  This is Christian radio URVC, and broadcasts in Quechua.  These radio towers now broadcast the gospel message to thousands of Quechuas scattered over hundreds of miles over the mountains and into the valleys.

The men in charge of running the station and helping maintain it belong to a fraternity of pastors from the area.  They received the equipment by the grace of God and want to keep it the best they can for His glory.

In the town of Llata, at the studios, they record their radio programs on the computer and when they are ready and checked out with no errors, they are played over the radio.  They really need more computers to make more programs; there are always more young men who want to participate.  Whenever we are there we train some more men in programs.  Continue to pray for these men and the Quechuas of Huamalias.

transmitter at these altitudes and the audio equipment in the studios in the town of Llata hundreds of feet below.

Your prayers and gifts help make this ministry possible.

Dany Parado Jáuregui


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Train and Multiply in Huanuco

A Train and Multiply workshop was held in Huanuco on February 5-11.

Thanks to the Lord Jesus for giving me this great opportunity to hold a workshop on the theme “True worship”.

The attendees are from different communities.  Some traveled quite far from Huánuco – 10 to 20 hours in order to attend this institute that happens every year during the school holidays.

Praise God, some students have now finished the 3 year course, and are working for the Lord, in the jungle and the mountains of Peru.

When I talked with some young teenagers and asked why they have come to this institute, they told me that they want to serve the Lord Jesus in their community, raising up new churches. At the end of the workshop the students dramatized the offering of Abraham as pictured in the photos.

Train and Multiply Seminar

A Train and Multiply Seminar was held in Ayacucho on January 23-25.
All glory be to our Lord Jesus Christ for loving the Quechuas- a forgotten people.
In the last few days here in Peru, our political and civil authorities are carrying out a law, so that the schools will teach classes on gender identity and sexual orientation, as a foundation to promote homosexuality.
As an organization that watches over the spiritual life of the Quechua, we have begun to give a workshop on “The Truth About Sex” to Sunday School teachers and pastors.
The students, seeing the truths of the subject in the Bible, said that they did not know that in the Bible I said all this.
All students have promised to give this study to their children and in their Church.
I thank God in spite of the rains and the landslides this workshop was able to be held.


Christmas for Lambs of the Andes

This year for our Christmas project we visited children in Ayacucho, Andahuaylas, Tarapoto and Lima.

Thanks be to the Lord Jesus for His blessing of the children with presents of cars and dolls.
When we went to the communities carrying gifts, some children from other communities were waiting for us on the road and were very tired. A girl told us that she was afraid to leave her house, but she wanted to receive her doll… she left praying to the Lord.
Reaching these different communities costs a lot of sacrifice, time, money, but it’s worth it. We gave gifts to poor children and when they received the toys you could see pure joy in their faces! The girls cradled the dolls in their arms and the boys began to play with their little cars. .
URGENT. Please pray! They are in desperate need of rain. There is not grass or water for the animals. One brother told me that he must share the water his family drinks with his sheep, and yet still some sheep have already died.
May the Lord bless your family and your business.

Pastor Samuel