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August Update

Dear friends,

We are so thankful for your prayers and support these last couple months.
Below are pictures from most recent to oldest.

In Christ,

The Runa Simi Team


In July…

 Dr. David Hard came to teach at the Theological Seminary by Extension sessions on “The Roots of our Faith”, (the reformation and how it continues affecting the Evangelical church today). This course was taught in both Ayacucho and Chosica. Pray for the students and Runa Simi workers who are taking these courses and are serving their communities. 

For the last three months, Berta has continued working with women in Apurimac training literacy teachers. New literacy groups have started in different church communities.The ladies are learning to read God’s Word.

Hilda is teaching literacy to the local Quechua Churches here in the Chosica area. She also translates and edits Quechua material at Runa Simi and helps with reporting. Here she is seen working on one of the Quechua booklet.


In July…

The “Faith Comes by Hearing” audio Scripture ministry partnered with the “Jesus Film” and “Puppet Ministry” to take the Gospel to the Ayacucho Quechua communities in Qoñani, Concepcion, and Pichari (jungles).  This successful outreach program was headed up by Alfredo Fajardo, his wife Margarita, and Nemesio Arango….Read More

In June…

Miguel taught 18 youth at a workshop in Tarapoto. The teaching was on “Making good decisions”. Miguel says that they were full of energy and had the desire to learn more.

In June… Samuel Saccsara taught an Audio-Visual Bible Promotion workshop in Ayacucho….Read More

Also in June… we had the privilege of having Linda Summers and her team here at Runa Simi for the first AGAPE puppet conference. Puppet teams from different areas of Peru came to share ideas and experiences. The team then traveled to Ayacucho with Nemesio to share the good news with the children of Peru. 

Dany Parado made several trips, traveling to where Quechua radios stations are to help with the radio ministry among the Quechua of Peru….Read More

May 18 to 20.  Runa Simi had their final Quechua “Women of the Bible” Workshop in Ayacucho along with a graduation. Rosa and Palerma are so thankful to God for making this dream come true and allowing them to train Quechua women so that they can train other Quechua women in their churches and communities…Read More

In May…  

Samuel Saccsara taught in Ñaupas, Ayacucho at over 10,500 feet above sea level.  The leaders looked into God’s Word and studied what the Bible teaches on sex and marriage…Read More

In May…

Nemesio traveled to Ayacucho to coordinate and attend a “spiritual festival” in Paccha – Cangallo area where he is originally from. He and Alfredo who ministered with him, were glad to see the churches there reconcile after much division.

Three Runa Simi Ministries

Three Runa Simi Ministries Merge For a Bigger “Splash” in the Quechua World

During the  month of July, the “Faith Comes by Hearing” audio Scripture ministry partnered with the “Jesus Film” and “Puppet Ministry” to take the Gospel to the Ayacucho Quechua communities in Qoñani, Concepcion, and Pichari (jungles).  This successful outreach program was headed up by Alfredo Fajardo, his wife Margarita, and Nemesio Arango, along with some of the youth.


Alfredo was able to start 130 Audio listening programs, training the pastors and leaders to effectively lead their groups in listening and applying God’s Word in Quechua.   During the day over 200 leaders studied “Faith Comes by Hearing”, “Evangelism” and “The book of Hope”.  In the evenings they reached out to the whole community to share the Gospel through the puppet shows and Christian Bible films.  Children, young people and adults accepted Jesus into their lives.


The whole family enjoyed the puppet presentations put on by Nemesio Arango.



The following are a two testimonies from this month of outreach:

In Pichari, the jungles of Ayacucho, the Apanccoray family run a Christian broadcasting station, “Divine blessing” that spreads the Gospel in Quechua to the surrounding towns and villages.  Their son Ivan had rejected the Gospel causing the family a lot of grief.  Ivan accepted Jesus along with three others on the first night as a result of hearing God[s Word.  During the rest of their travel, Ivan had a big smile on his face and served the team in every way he could.  (Below with his family).



There are 5 radio stations in this area of Huanta and the jungles of Ayacucho. All are proclaiming God’s Word in Quechua with the audio scriptures (Genesis to Revelations) recorded in Romulo Saune’s voice. Many are coming to know the Lord through the radio broadcasts. Many of the old timers still remember Romulo.

In Qoñani, this older couple, Hilario Mendoza and his wife, were moved to tears as they hugged Alfredo. Alfredo had not been able to return to this distant area for 18 years!  Way back then, their church had received the audio New Testament on cassettes. God’s Word was powerful and the churches have multiplied. In Qoñani, the Runa Simi team attended their yearly “Spiritual Festival”. Over 100 pastors and group leaders attended from dozens of churches around the area. In the evenings they again shared the Gospel with the non believing community and many accepted the Lord after seeing the puppets and Genesis film. Most had never seen a film in Quechua. Twenty church groups received “Proclaimers” with the complete Bible in Quechua. We know that they will love having the Old Testament audio in Quechua. It will help the churches grow even more!



Film Showing and Puppet Show Events

We had a puppet show and film events from the 21st-24th of July, in Qoñani and Vraem.

In Qoñani we distributed the Proclaimers, has a presentation of Puppet show training and presentation of films. On Saturday night in the middle of the opening we showed the film of the rapture and many brothers reconciled their hearts to Jesus, because they realized that they were failing the Lord God. Then the next day, Alfredo shared the Word of God and showed them that they could use the Proclaimers in their churches and communities with the audio listening devices. We shared the Word of God with children and adolescents through puppets, songs, and messages.

Monday night we showed a movie in Paccha and before showing the movie we announced by loudspeaker so many people attended. We showed the New Clothes Movie for Felipe and the Story of Joseph.

Tuesday we were in the Church of Concepción, in Cangallo, where we trained on Marriage and Baptism. Then at night we worshipped God and her messages until 1 in the morning. Wednesday went to visit the brothers in Andabamba. Then Thursday I came to Vinchos in the afternoon and showed the film of Joseph in the street. Many children and adults saw the film and many of them were shocked by the story of Joseph. It was a wonderful opportunity to share a little Word of God in the street.

Friday we rehearsed with the young people of Ayacucho to travel to Vraem and on Saturday night we visited an town far inland where we showed the film of Joseph in Quechua. It is the first time that I went to the jungle of Ayacucho but there were also many Quechua speakers. They desire to have materials in Quechua because it is the language they best understand.



Radio Ministry with the Quechua

Every year we visit Quechua stations with which we have had different radio workshops. The purpose is to encourage them to continue proclaiming Jesus on the radio in the mother tongue. We also want to know their needs and help if it is within our ability. In this image I am in the city of Huancayo doing an electronic workshop to verify the repair of the transmitter AM of the Quechua Rescue station. Next, we will visit the Logos station of the Quechuas of the jungle of San Martin.

We ask for your prayers in favor of Quechua Christian broadcasters who are making every effort to carry out the work. With few resources but with a great heart for Christ.

-Dany Parado


Audio Video Bible Promotion

Audio-video Bible promotion was done June 24-25.

The Almighty Lord Jesus has gathered the new promoters of the Bible, to touch hearts of men.

They came from many places: 2 communities in Huancavelica ,Pichari, Nueva Fortaleza, Cangallo; Putica, Acocro; Rosas Pata.

The students shared their very exciting testimonies.  They had a great desire to go out into the communities to share the gospel of the Lord Jesus and they prayed to God to prepare them. One such testimony was from Brother Julio Fernandez. He was in his bed and could not get up due to paralysis. He asked God to lift him up and the Lord answered his prayer.  His response was “Now where I am going to go to prepare myself and go out to preach?” When he received the invitation for this workshop he immediately told his wife that he was going to this workshop.

Julio is in the photo wearing a brown shirt, with crutches.

-Pastor Samuel



Quechua Women’s Workshop

A final session and graduation for Quechua women’s workshop was held in Ayacucho from May 18-20.

My dear family, remember when I was sending you my report for the 1st – 4th women’s trainings? Now, this is the 5th and the last, and I am very thankful to God for making this dream come true and allowing me to train Quechua women so that they can train other Quechua women in their churches and communities. This has been my desire for a long time.

After the teaching sessions in the villages, the ladies thanked me, saying “Now I have understood everything because you spoke to us in Quechua.” They kept telling me how they would like to learn and teach the Word of God, and to serve the Lord. I understood them, because I too once longed to served the Lord. So I thought about it, and asked for help from sister Palerma to teach on this topic, “Women of the Bible.”

Later I mentioned this desire to my son Pablo, and he responded, “That’s good, Mom, you should do it, it sounds great.” That response encouraged me and I started to prepare my plan for the conference. I sent out invitation letters to the pastors so they could send the women from their churches. I had to pray for them, because it’s not easy to get a Quechua husband to let his wife come for a study, it’s almost impossible.

But God worked wonders, and they attended all of the training sessions. This most recent session was their graduation. Now we have Quechua women who are ready to teach where God needs them. They have a praise song that says “Following Christ is my decision, always taking the Gospel.”



Train and Multiply

A training was held in Ñaupas on May 17-18.

Praise the Lord that in this village there is a church of the Lord Jesus Christ who deeply desires to pursue sound doctrine. It is located at 10,500 feet above sea level, and because of its location and its climate there is no one who will travel to teach them the Word of the Lord.

In the Quechua culture talking about sex is very difficult, because according to them, this subject should not be spoken in the Church.  But, as we looked into God’s Word and they saw that the Bible addresses this subject, and they were open to learning. In this workshop many women participated. These women often struggle in their marriages as their husbands typically see them as objects for their own pleasure, etc. rather than showing love.

Praise be to God that all kneeled in repentance, seeking forgiveness for their past sins in their marriages and asked forgiveness for their silence in teaching their children these truths.

-Pastor Samuel


May Update and Prayer Requests

Dear friends,

We are so thankful for your prayers and support.

Time seems to be going by quickly. The landslides has slowed us down this year at Runa Simi, but also has been a great opportunity to serve those close to us.
Pablo and Samuel had a great couple weeks in the US visiting friends, supporters, churches and attending the Runa Simi board meetings in Stone Mountain, GA.
Palerma and Rosa were in Tarapoto with the Women of the Bible program and also Miguel traveled to teach the youth.
Nemesio Arango has returned from Spain, and we are thankful that they were abled to finish recording the Euskara language for the Basque people with the team there.
Please pray:
– for Kusi as she is still recuperating from a shoulder RC injury, she’s feeling better, but still has some pain at night.
– for the water situation in Chosica. There are still many areas without water. Pray as we continue to serve those in need.
– for many of us who will be traveling to Ayacucho next week, for the graduation of some of the Quechua ladies from our Women of the Bible program and to go to some of the higher altitude villages to take donations and warm clothing before the peruvian winter hits in those villages.
– for Samuel Saccsara’s workshops coming up in Ayacucho and different areas.
– for Berta Ccoicca who is in Andahuaylas with the literacy program.
– for Palerma who’s sister just passed away this week… for comfort for the family and opportunities for Palerma to share her faith.
– for Nemesio Arango’s niece (Judith) who has cancer.
– for our friend Dora’s son (Yuri) who has cancer.

Rosa and Palerma teaching the women in Tarapoto.


Runa Simi continues to help our local church and community with non-perishable food, drinking water, water tanks, cisterns (water trucks), buckets for filters that were donated, etc. Quirio and other areas continue to be without water, we continue to buy trucks of water when needed. We are so thankful to all who have donated.

Samuel and Pablo had a good time in the US visiting friends and at Runa Simi meetings.



Women’s Training

A 4th Quechua “Women of the Bible” training was held in Ayacucho on March 16-18.

Once again, thanks be to God, I am able to inform you all, my dear family in Jesus Christ, of the fourth Quechua Women’s Training. This time, everyone arrived very eager to continue their studies, and very happy to understand the Word in their language. Eleven students from different places arrived the day before the study. They said they wanted to be sure to arrive on time because there has been a lot of rain, mudslides, and rockslides. Two of them traveled 24 hours and spent almost the whole day trapped behind a rockslide that had covered the road. They had to wait for a tractor to come clean. They told me that they were very hungry because they didn’t have any money to buy food, but eventually they arrived safe and sound, thanks to God.

I tell you that one sister shared with me that her husband did not want her to attend the conference because they did not have money for her bus ticket. She was sad and did not want to miss a workshop. When she was on the way to her farm, the only car of the day appeared. She thought, “If I don’t go, I will miss the study. I am going, even if my husband hits me.” She got in the car. The next day at the study, she told me. I was worried, so I gave her the phone to call her husband. Her husband answered, asking her how her trip was and telling her to take care. Praise the Lord, it was a relief for me. Many arrived with a desire to recite the scripture they had memorized during the studies we have had.

In the month of May, we will host our 5th and final training for them. These ladies will graduate, and receive Certificates from Runa Simi Association, and they will be ready. They will be prepared to teach the topics we have studied, “The Women of the Bible.” Their husbands and their pastors will be there to watch them graduate. Thinking of this gets me excited, and I feel very happy and grateful to God for this gift. I have always suffered listening to them tell me, “Sister Rosa, how I want to serve our Lord by teaching my sisters in Quechua, when you teach us in Quechua I understand everything. But there is no one who teaches us in Quechua when you go back to Lima.” I always wanted them to learn and teach, and now there is a big group who are going to teach in our language, Quechua. Hallelujah!

-Rosa Saccsara

Basic Bible Promotion Workshop

A workshop was held from March 20-22 in Ayacucho.

“My dear children, for whom I am again in the pains of childbirth until Christ is formed in you..”

Galatians 4:19

It is the desire of my heart that these students grow in the person of Jesus Christ, and to send them out as  missionaries in the communities where they live. May the true gospel not be lost in their lives and their churches.

To achieve this goal we have equipped and encouraged them with technology equipment along with videos of Genesis and Luke in Quechua.

At the end of the workshop, they went out in pairs to practice in the nearby homes.  When they returned they gave their reports. One pair was very happy as they reported that a woman gave her life to the Lord! Others who saw the video presentation said that they had never seen the videos in Quechua.

Brother Braulio told us that a girl named Roxana had given her life to the Lord, but her father, knowing this, was annoyed, and threatened to punish the child. Etc. Pray for Roxana’s family.

-Pastor Samuel