Runa Simi seeks to follow Jesus’ Great Commission to make disciples of all nations, therefore, evangelism hold a prominent place in every area of their ministry.
Runa Simi uses photo frames and small multimedia TVs for evangelizing and Bible promotion. Several years ago Runa Simi began using newer technology as a way to minister and teach God´s Word. The photo frames can be loaded with pictures, slides, audio or video through a USB port.  Runa Simi holds Bible promotion workshops where promoters are trained to use the photo frames to spread the Word of God throughout the communities. There are 85 promoters now from different Quechua communities in Andahuaylas, Ayacucho, and Huancavelica.  These leaders have made over 4,000 video presentations with evangelism and Bible teaching.  This program has had great impact on many lives. Runa Simi also uses the “Jesus” film to share the good news of Christ with the people of Peru. It has been very effective in reaching a broader population, especially those who cannot read.

Runa Simi partners with One Hope in child evangelism. One Hope provides materials in Quechua such as the Book of Hope, a small, colorful children’s booklet explaining the gospel story. Runa Simi works with One Hope to translate children’s materials into various languages of Peru and to record The GodMan film in different Quechua dialects.  Finally, Runa Simi has a puppet team that travels all over Peru sharing the Gospel with children and their families.