Rosa Saccsara

Rosa Saccsara is a Quechua speaker from Ayacucho, Peru. She has served Runa Simi with her husband Samuel for over 20 years.

As young Christians, Rosa and her husband Samuel had to leave their home town because of terrorist threats.  For several years they worked for the Scripture Union on the coast.  In 1989 they were invited to join the Runa Simi team as full time missionaries.  Over the years, Rosa and Samuel and their three children have traveled throughout the Peruvian Andes teaching the Scriptures and building up the Quechua Church.  Rosa’s whole family serves as Quechua missionaries reaching their people for Christ.

Today, Rosa works as Runa Simi’s secretary and oversees accounting and administration. She is key to the functioning of Runa Simi’s organizational operations, without which Runa Simi missionaries could not perform their ministry.

In addition to her administrative responsibilities, Rosa also works with the women’s ministry and in the translation department. As part of the women’s ministry, she teaches workshops at the different conferences in the mountains and in Lima. As part of the translation team, Rosa helps oversee translation efforts, and helps edit Quechua materials.

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